Tube Chop


Isolating sections of video clips have never been easier, thanks to Tube Chop. Tube Chop is a versatile online tool that lets you enter a YouTube url that you can then “trim” based on the clip that you’d like to isolate for your presentation. It lets you cut out the unnecessary parts of a clip, and its drag and drop trimming features makes it really easy for anyone to use. Just copy the web address url of the YouTube link, enter it into Tube Chop’s search bar, and drag the time stamps at the bottom to isolate for your desired video clip.

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Poll Everywhere


Polls are a great way to get your audience to interact with you, as well as get feedback for your presentation. The unique aspect of Poll Everywhere is that it gets participants to enter their answers via text messaging or Twitter, so expensive poll hardware need not be purchased. Responses are then displayed on a medium of your choice, such as Keynote, or Powerpoint. It is simple to use, and free for audiences of up to forty people.

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Sound Bible


SoundBible is a great website if you’re looking for free or royalty-free sound clips to add to your presentation. It has over a thousand free sound clips and sound effects that can be used in PowerPoint presentations.It is quite simple to use as well - just type in the sound effect you’re looking for (i.e. birds chirping), select the sound you like, and click the sound icon to download the clip in a format of your choice (.wav, .mp3 or .zip files).
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If you need to learn how to better use Adobe, Prezi, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Apple Keynote, then is the website for you. It’s an online database of countless software-training videos that range in topics from photography, to business to design and developing.  They’ve categorized the videos by subject, software and author so you can choose the tutorial that you learn best with. Their 24/7 access allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule. Subscribe today and get access to their large database of over 78,000 tutorials.

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Find a Phrase


If you have an idea of a phrase stuck in your mind but don’t exactly know how to word it, Find a Phrase is the perfect tool to aid you. Just enter a key word relevant to your idea, and Find a phrase will come up with all the common sayings, old proverbs and slang expressions in its database. The best thing about Find a phrase is that it’s also completely free to use.

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